My English competence in 2010.

Now it's time to choose my best written an oral evidences I have done in 2010. It has been difficult to pick up just one, but there are some compositions I have done which are better to forget and, obviously, there are some others worth romembering.

In my view, I've done my best composition this last term: 'Addicted to Facebook', probably because it's a subject I really like and feel familiar to it. This reflection is well structured with an introduction, a main body and a great conclusion. Moreover, I introduced some idioms (maybe the use of 'over my dead body' is a little bit exagerated) and I used many connectors. I think this reflection shows my maturity level and my ability to write good compositions in a foreign language.

In my opinion, my best oral evidence was done in the second term: 'Caffeine and tea'. It was about my research project (it sounds strange to pronounce it now that I've finished with it). I used technical words, which gave me a higher level of domination than my audience. However, I wasn't sure about the pronounciation, but I think I did a good job, well trained. What's more, I was familiar with the subject I was talking about; this fact made possible to improve if I didn't remember what I had to say.

In conclusion, I can say that I'm very proud of myself; at the first mail I said to Sònia that I had a special gift for writing and with Addicted to Facebook we can prove it.


laurapenkert said...

Hi there!
I just want to say you’re a great girl, it’s been a pleasure to have you sitting behind me in class, you remember always in maths: “what’s your result in exercise 23??” – “ 56,5” – “Me too!!”, and both happy ;) Best of luck for your future!

get rich or die trying said...

I remember what was the sentence so I want to finish it when you want :)
Seeing that your incredible task against the nerves for doing medicine has achieved I don't have any words to descript what I think about you...

I never forget all the moments we enjoyed together in C. terra hours, or studiyng before the exams. I'm sad, so I'm sure We still meeting. Huge kiss Clodinne :) Frk

sguilana said...

Hi, Clàudia! :)
Thanks for your enthusiasm and hard work all year. Great writer, you are! Wherever the future takes you, I am sure you'll enjoy it and make people around you happy.
All the best,